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Best Quality U-Boat U42 Replica Watches Review In UK

The dynamic Italo Fontana founded cheap U-Boat U42 Replica Watches in the location of Lucca, Italy. The company started life in the year 2000 as a fashion brand and predominantly sold in high-end boutiques. I first encountered these imposing watches at a prestigious men’s clothing store in Manchester, England. My lasting memory was how large these timepieces were in comparison to other watches available on the market at the time. Since then their designs have evolved and become a lot more sophisticated including the marvellous Unicum high quality U-Boat U42 Replica Watches.

U-BOAT U42 Replica watches

While looking through his grandfather Ilvo Fontana’s old papers Italo found detailed drawings of u boat u42 gmt replica watches specially designed for naval forces. Essentially these illustrations resulted in the development of one of the world’s largest wristwatches – the formidable 65mm U-1942. This phenomenal creation was limited to only 29 pieces and is currently sported by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The same layout has also inspired the production of the highly successful series of U-42 timepieces.

The superb Unicum is the latest addition to the range and displays all the distinctive qualities you would expect from the brand. With a diameter measuring 53mm (excluding lugs and the huge crown), this massive timepiece won’t appeal to everybody’s tastes. I personally favour large 1:1 replica U-Boat U42 Watches as I feel they make a very bold visual statement. Amazingly this piece felt very comfortable to wear and certainly didn’t feel cumbersome in any way. Primarily this is down to the choice of lightweight titanium used in the construction of the case.

Aesthetically the Unicum 42 has Steampunkesque features although it isn’t directly marketed in that way. The case and bezel are treated with an IP black coating. This gives the timepiece a distressed and highly unique vintage appearance. I love the brass dial and open worked hour and minute hands which have been naturally aged. All these elements have been meticulously hand finished adhering to the finest artisan traditional techniques. Ultimately this intricate process makes each watch completely original and one of a kind.

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